My resume

Work Experience

Senior lecturer / researcher

Period: august 2017-to date

As of august 2017 I am a lecturer in Business IT & Management at the bachelor HBO-ICT. Moreover, I am a research at the research group Process Innovation and Information Systems.

Lecturer / researcher

Period: may 2014-june 2017

As of may 2014 I am a lecturer and researcher in Business IT & Management at the Academy of ICT & Media at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. Hitherto I teach different courses that provide answers like How to buy or build a system that meets the needs of different stakeholders? (project management), How do you research new technical possibilities and implications for the organization and how to advise you about that? (research methods). Moreover, I supervise various students on their internships and their graduation thesis.

Project manager

Dr. Leo Kannerhuis
Period: may 2012-apr 2014

My work at the Dr. Leo Kannerhuis mainly entailed two projects:

The dr. Leo Kannerhuis develops applications (apps) for the mobile phone which functions as a personal aid to people with autism. The apps advocate a more independent living in certain situations, for instance at school, during their study or when traveling by public transport.

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often encounter problems with social interaction in the context of a job environment as they suffer from impairments in socialization, communication and imagination. This leads often to stressful situation. Since people with ASD do not recognize stress as such, they are often unable to adapt to the situation, which can lead to undesired communication patterns. Against this background the center for autism, Dr. Leo Kannerhuis, and the Waag Society initiated the BodyGuard project. The purpose of this project is to develop a biofeedback system that supports employees with ASD during stressful situations at work.

PhD researcher

Period: dec 2008-dec 2012

The attention to preserve moving images has risen rapidly over the years as its cultural value is increasingly underlined and the analogue carriers are decaying. Many countries have therefore already established audiovisual heritage archives to preserve television and film recordings for future generations. New media (e.g. Internet) can provide solution to unlock these archives. But what constitutes a viable digital service that provides access to audiovisual heritage archives for the general public? This research focused on this question by developing a digital audiovisual heritage service from a customer perspective.

The first goal of this research was to enhance design knowledge about digital audiovisual heritage services. The second goal of this research was to enhance theoretical knowledge about consumers behavior regarding the adoption and usage of digital audiovisual heritage services. By reaching these goals this research was set out to provide managers of audiovisual heritage archives with design knowledge and knowledge about consumers' behavior that may help them in the development of services that are aimed at disclosing their archives for the general public.

Researcher / consultant

Period: feb 2008-jun 2013

Dialogic is a research consultancy specialized on innovation processes and innovation policy. At Dialogic we study how innovation processes take shape and especially what role users play in these processes. We contribute great importance to the proper interaction between all stakeholders. Dialogic supports all groups involved with forward looking strategic (policy) research and research-based consultancy.

Our client base ranges from small and local to big and transnational organizations, both from the public and private sector. We have also established a great number of strategic partnerships in the Netherlands and abroad.

Over the years, Dialogic has built a solid reputation in its home base, The Netherlands. Core business areas of the firm are Innovation policy, Broadband, telecom and media, eGovernment, and Education. Key areas of expertise are Interactive policy making, User surveys, Policy analysis, and Monitoring and benchmarking.

I have contributed as a researcher / consultant to various projects in the field of broadband, media, network analysis, user research and education research.


Master of Science (MSc.)

Utrecht University
Period: sep 2006-jun 2008

I followed the master Business Informatics at the Utrecht University. Courses included Extended enterprise, Use of content and knowledge systems, Logistics, Management control and Knowledge management.

Bachelor of Science (BSc.)

Utrecht University
Period: may 2002-jun 2006

I followed the bachelor of information science at the Utrecht University. Courses included Multimedia, Projectmanagement, Usability engineering and Databases.

High school

Luza College
Period: sep 1998-jul 2002

I gradually obtained my MAVO, HAVO and VWO degree at the Luzac College in Utrecht.

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